Loughborough Applied Psychology Service

Providing sport and performance psychology support to elite athletes at Loughborough University through our team of chartered and trainee Sport and Exercise Psychologists.

We work with athletes, teams and coaches to enhance performance and wellbeing. Our vision is to develop a world-leading sport psychology training academy and applied psychology service at Loughborough University.

Services are delivered in line with core cognitive-behavioural principles and to support athletes, teams, coaches and parents.

Becoming a LAPS practitioner

As a LAPS practitioner you will be embedded within one of the Loughborough University’s Performance Programmes, interdisciplinary teams. This provides a range of opportunities to develop and evidence the requisite competencies that are needed to complete training towards becoming an Sport and Exercise Psychologist registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). This includes:

  • Opportunities to practice psychology in multiple settings and formats, e.g. 1-1’s, workshops, seminars, etc
  • Access to a range of clients including athletes, coaches and parents
  • Producing academic research and the opportunity to work with world-leading academic staff
  • Chances to support undergraduate and postgraduate applied psychology and sport science degrees
  • Opportunities to produce educational resources to support psychological skill development in student athletes.

As well as providing psychological support internally, we also work with those external to the University who are seeking access to a sport psychologist. External opportunities range from working with individuals who would like private sessions to larger scale projects, such as contracts with Aston Villa FC’s Academy.

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