Zuleikha Chikh

  • Doctoral Researcher
Start date: October 2022
Primary supervisor: Dr Steven Bradbury
Secondary supervisor(s): Dr Dominic Malcom

Zuleikha undertook a BSc and MSc in Sports Business Management at the University of Central Lancashire. After completing her MSc, she was elected to serve as the Students’ Union President for two years. During her time as a student and in office, Zuleikha engaged in numerous projects locally, nationally and internationally working with sports governing bodies, football clubs, county football associations and refugee agencies advising on South Asian women and girls in football and youth leadership.

Zuleikha was awarded a BAME studentship to study for a PhD at Loughborough University in October 2022.


Research title: An intersectional exploration into the experiences of minority women in football leadership programmes in Europe.

I will be adopting a mixed methods approach to this research project to critically explore minority ethnic women’s social capital in the pursuit of careers in the European football industry. I will be comparing these experiences to see how they differ from the experiences of white women. The results of this study will provide football stakeholders with an understanding in regard to the lived experiences of minority ethnic women, during and following the completion of a football leadership programme. Furthermore, it may provide insights into how future programmes can be shaped to be more inclusive for minority women.

Zuleikha’s research interests are in the fields of sport, development, race, gender, migration, social capital, social justice and sport policy.

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Featured publications

  • Shorrock, S. and Trimble, L. and Chikh, Z. (2022, continuation). Exploring what role ‘whiteness’ plays in research conducted by academics in a University in the North-West of England.
  • Leslie-Walker, A. Chikh, Z., Hyams-Ssekasi, D. and Bennett, H. (2022, continuation). Exploring the experiences of ethnic women working in decision-making (Board) positions, within sport organisations in the United Kingdom. 
  • The English Football Association/Youth Sport Trust: Asian Girls Insight Report – December 2021