Will Tyne

  • Doctoral Researcher
Start date: October 2020
Primary supervisor: Dr Clare Stevinson
Secondary supervisor(s): Dr David Fletcher / Dr Nicola Paine

With a passion for sport and exercise, William began his academic life back in 2013 at Loughborough University where he studied a BSc in Sport Management. After graduating in 2016 with First Class Honours, William took time out of academia, and with a sense of adventure, moved to Canada, British Columbia, for two years, competing in mountain bike events and working alongside.

Upon return to the UK, William resumed his studies with Loughborough University and completed an MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology. With a keen interest in the topic area and a desire to further his academic experience, William was awarded a studentship in his ideal field.


Research Title: Recreational physical challenge, self-efficacy and performance in the workplace.

In collaboration with The leadership High Organisation, the research aims to investigate the psychosocial outcomes (e.g, confidence and leadership) that can be developed through frequent engagement with physical recreational challenges. Through observational and experimental methods, we aim to generate data on the short and long-term outcomes for individuals and workforces from participating in these challenges.

External Activities

The project is supported by both Loughborough University and The Leadership High Organisation - The Leadership High was cofounded by Loughborough University alumna Lara Milward alongside Sarah MacDonald. They have developed a unique learning and development program that harnesses the idea that physical and psychological power are linked and create better leaders and decision-makers.