Start date: January 2021
Primary supervisor: Dr Ed Cope
Secondary supervisor(s): Professor Chris Cushion

Ray is an experienced Coach Educator and Developer training Swimming Teachers and coaches. He is the author of two swimming books. Ray comes from a music and performing arts background. More recently, he holds an MSc in Learning and Teaching from the University of Oxford, holding other degrees in mentoring and coaching, music education and professional development. Ray has been a Principal in a Secondary School, worked for Ofsted as a Lead Inspector. He is a Leadership Performance Coach/Mentor, helping individuals working towards National Professional Qualifications in Education. He works as Head of Performing Arts in a secondary school setting.


Research Title: A critical analysis of a Participatory Action Research approach to a Coach Developer Training Programme in Swimming.

Coach Developers promote, support and develop teachers/coaches in their specialist sport. This concept is emerging within swimming, where Coach Developers work at a regional level and above. This research project aims to examine the impact of a co-constructed education programme designed to support the pedagogical practices of coach developers within swimming. The intention is to upskill Coach Educators (Tutors delivering formal certification) and become Coach Developers who work efficiently in developing swimming teachers and coaches operating at the participation and club level.

Conference Presentations

  • Swim England National Conference – 21 November 2019 Presentation, Birmingham, UK. From Competence to Proficiency: Strategies in Developing Effective Teacher Practice
  • World Aquatic Development Conference – 11 January 2020 Presentation, Lund, Sweden. How can Teacher Competencies be Developed?
  • International Swimming Conference – 09 October 2020 Presentation, San Paulo, Brazil (Online) What are the barriers to adults learning to Swim? How do we overcome these barriers?
  • International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE) 13th Global Coach Conference - 14 November 2021 Presentation, Lisbon, Portugal. Developing Swimming Teacher Competencies: A Practitioner’s Perspective.

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