Noura Alosaimi

  • Doctoral Researcher
Start date: October 2020
Primary supervisor: Professor Lauren Sherar
Secondary supervisor(s): Dr Natalie Pearson / Professor Paula Griffiths

Noura earned her undergraduate degree in Nutrition from Kuwait University in 2009. Noura worked as a clinical dietitian in Kuwait for 10 years, counselled thousands of patients and used her experience to offer a reliable nutrition management and care for her patients. In 2019, Noura started her journey at Loughborough University, where she pursued and successfully completed her MSc in Sport and Exercise Nutrition in 2020. In the same year, she commenced her PhD, focusing on the clustering of health behaviours in young people.


Research Title: Clustering of Health Behaviours in Children, Adolescents and Young Adults

Noura's research, titled 'Clustering of Health Behaviours in Children, Adolescents and Young Adults,' explores how health behaviours, including physical activity, sedentary behaviours, diet, and sleep, cluster together among young people in the UK. Her research investigates both the determinants and health outcomes of these clusters. The implications of Noura's research are substantial, offering valuable insights for health promotion, disease prevention, customised interventions, and overall enhancements in well-being.

External Activities

Noura is funded by the Civil Service Commission, Kuwait, and the Kuwait Cultural Office, Kuwait Embassy, London.

Featured Publications

  • Article Publication: Alosaimi, N., Sherar, L.B., Griffiths, P. et al. Clustering of diet, physical activity and sedentary behaviour and related physical and mental health outcomes: a systematic review. BMC Public Health 23, 1572 (2023).