Neil Clark

  • Doctoral Researcher
Start date: October 2020
Primary supervisor: Dr David Fletcher
Secondary supervisor(s): Dr Robin Jackson

Neil achieved a distinction for his MSc in Sports Business and Leadership at Loughborough University London in 2019. He is a part-time Doctoral Researcher as well as working for Mental Health UK and SwitchThePlay Foundation. His responsibilities include writing and delivering well-being content for elite sport academies and higher education. He has created workshops on psychological safety and managing injuries and deselections.

Neil's PhD is focusing on the impact of secure bases in elite sport and how these can positively or negatively impact performance and well-being.


Research title: The impact of secure bases on athletes' mental health and well-being: How to thrive and flourish during an athlete's career transition

Neil's current study is exploring the experience of secure bases by current & former elite athletes. Neil is interviewing current and elite sportspeople to examine the existence and impact of secure bases throughout their life, as well as the impact of being a secure base for other elite sportspeople.