Nadyne Venturin Trindade

  • Doctoral Researcher
Start date: October 2018
Primary supervisor: Dr Joe Piggin
Secondary supervisor(s): Professor Line Nyhagen (Criminology, Sociology and Social Policy)

Nadyne graduated from the Federal University of Espirito Santo with a BA/BSc in Physical Education (2015). She completed a specialization in Alternative Education, focusing on Movement in Early Childhood Education (2017). She holds an MA in Physical Education from the University of Parana (2017), with her dissertation analyzing the Sport for Development and Peace Sector in Brazil. Before starting her PhD at Loughborough University, she worked as a Physical Education teacher in the public and non-profit sector with vulnerable groups. Her investigative interest is in the participation of underrepresented groups in sport and its interconnections with social justice and human development. 


Research Title: Equitable and Inclusive Policies for Gender Diverse Participants: Opportunities and Constraints

The research focuses on the policy process in the changing landscape of sports participation for gender non-conforming people. The aim is to explore ways to proactively include gender-diverse (intersex, trans and non-binary) participants in sport and physical activity.

Featured Publications

  • Trindade, NV, De Almeida, BS, & Marchi Júnior, W. (2018). Sport for development and peace: academic readings in dialogue with the uses of sport for peace in Rio de Janeiro. Movement (ESEFID/UFRGS) , 24 (2), 539.,66829
  • Fermino, LA, Oliveira, APV, Trindade, NV, Souza, DL & Marchi Júnior, W. (2018). Paralympic sport: analysis of the production of theses and dissertations in Physical Education Programs and Graduate Studies. Brazilian Journal of Science and Movement , 26 (3), 165–177. Retrieved from
  • Trindade, NV, & Lerina, DB (2013). Women's athletics at the Olympic Games: the participation of Brazilian women in marathon competitions. FIEP Bulletin On-Line , 83 (2), 278–280. Retrieved from