Millie Coward

Pronouns: She/her
  • Doctoral Researcher
Start date: October 2022
Primary supervisor: Professor Mark Lewis
Secondary supervisor(s): Dr Andy Capel

Millie studied BSc Animal Biology and Conservation at Oxford Brookes, focusing on cellular biology with specific interest in Muscle Cells. Millie went on to study MSc Regenerative Medicine at Queen Mary University of London, where she was introduced to tissue engineering, undergoing a thesis in 3D printing of vascularised human skin equivalents.


Research Title: Bioengineered assays of vascularised and innervated human skeletal muscle injury

Millie’s current research involves bioengineering a 3D skeletal muscle equivalent in a dish, working on imitating Neuromuscular Junctions (NMJs), and reproducing the mice injury models in our 3D bioengineered model. NMJs will be introduced through motor neuron induced iPSCs in the form of spheroids, and injury models assays will primarily be through the myotoxic agent: CTX, in addition to Blast Exposure.

External Activities


NC3Rs and DSTL