Idrees Afzal

  • Doctoral Researcher
Start date: June 2016
Primary supervisor: Dr Mark King
Secondary supervisor(s): Dr Michael Hiley

Idrees graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 2013 with a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science. He continued his studies part-time at Sheffield Hallam undertaking an MSc in Applied Sport and exercise science whilst working on a badminton talent recruitment program in secondary schools across the Bradford and district area.

After completing his MSc, he undertook a scholarship at a Spanish National performance Centre for badminton. He worked with junior and senior Spanish national and international players, providing them with performance analysis and physical preparation support. The highlight being the men’s doubles pairing he provided performance analysis support for going on to win the Campeonatos de España Absolutos (Spanish National championships - men’s doubles).

Idrees’s PhD is part-funded by the Badminton World Federation (BWF) and focuses on the key determinants influencing performance of the badminton smash. He is supervised by Dr Mark King, Dr Michael Hiley and Dr Stuart McErlain-Naylor.


  • To determine the relationship between shuttle speed and spatial accuracy in the overhead smash under different spatiotemporal constraints
  • To determine the relationship between racket kinematics and shot outcome
  • To determine relationship between impact location on the racket face and shot outcome
  • To determine the technique parameters associated with maximum smash speed and high levels of spatial accuracy
  • To determine the relationship between shot outcome consistency and player movement variability
  • Compare international male and female players performing the badminton smash
  • Investigate differences in technique for players from different parts of the world

External activities

  • Sport injury rehabilitation and massage
  • Badminton England national circuit
  • Sports performance consultancy

Featured publications

  • 6th World congress of rackets sports science: Shot outcome as a function of impact location and racket kinematics in the badminton jump smash
  • Loughborough University summer showcase (2018) – The relationship between speed and accuracy in the badminton smash
  • BWF Glasgow World Championships conference: Speed and accuracy in the badminton smash (2017)
  • BASES BIG conference Portsmouth (2017)
  • BWF Bilbao Junior Championships conference (2016)
  • Sheffield Hallam University – Post Graduate Conference - Effect of task constraint on adaptive behaviour in a doubles simulated badminton game (2015)
  • Expertise Skill Acquisition Network Conference (ESAN) – Poster Presentation - The effect of level of expertise on anticipation skills in badminton (2013).