Ella Williams

  • Doctoral Researcher
Start date: October 2020
Primary supervisor: Dr Jamie Barker
Secondary supervisor(s): Professor Cheryl Haslam / Dr Vivien Chow / Dr Andrew Wood (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Ella received her BSc in Psychology at Louisiana State University in the USA in 2017 after receiving a scholarship to play football. After living in France for four months, she consequently completed her MSc in Sport Psychology from the University of Roehampton in 2019. Her thesis sought to develop a grounded theory on psychological readiness in elite athletes when returning to sport from severe injury.


Research title: Optimising the Parent-Coach Relationship in Youth Tennis

Inherent in youth sport persists the fundamental position of relationships and its impact on performance and participation. Whilst parent and coach relationships with the child-athlete has warranted considerable attention, the parent-coach relationship is yet to be fully understood in this stakeholder triangle. Additionally, the properties of parent-coach relationships across development stages of youth sport are needed to guide current practice, educational and applied tools in this area. This research project specifically examines the qualities, contexts, and aspects that maintain parent-coach relationships in youth tennis.