Christopher Green

  • Doctoral Researcher
Start date: October 2021
Primary supervisor: Dr Liam Heaney
Secondary supervisor(s): Dr Tom Clifford / Dr Stephen Bailey


Chris completed both his BSc (Sports and exercise science) and MSc (Exercise Physiology) degrees at Loughborough University between 2016 and 2021. He enjoys sport in general with a particular interest in football (to his own detriment he’s an Everton fan). Having completed a year in industry at Stoke City Football Club in the 2018/19 season along with work completed during his studies, a career in research with a large potential for application, particularly in team sports became a major focus


Research Title: The effect of manipulating gut microbial activity on exercise performance and recovery.

 There is increasing evidence that the gut microbiome, through production and release into circulation of bioactive compounds such as short-chain fatty acids, plays a critical role in various body functions. These functions include improvements in systemic immunity, reduced inflammation and potentially additional fuel for energy production. Not only are these important for health but they could play a key role in augmenting exercise performance, improving post-exercise recovery and reducing the risk of pathogenic infection.

Furthermore, bioanalytical techniques less commonly used in clinical and sports science research, namely mass spectrometry, will be used to further improve the measurement and understanding of different biomarkers.