Bickram Ram

  • Doctoral Researcher
Start date: October 2021
Primary supervisor: Dr Serhat Yilmaz
Secondary supervisor(s): Dr Do Young Pyun

Bick’s background is from BSc in Applied Sports Science with coaching.  He became interested in the regulations and laws of athletes, in particular footballers. He went on to do an LLM in international Sports Law in Practice. Bick enjoys going to the pub, socializing, spending time with his family and going to the beach with his dog Wizard. He also likes to discuss issues that affect the World and local communities and likes to hear thoughts and opinions from individuals with a broad and varied backgrounds. Bick is very approachable and is understanding of people’s needs thoughts and feelings.


Research Title: Analysing the role of Agents in building athletes’ brands in Football

Bick decided that he would like to contribute to this interesting area due to football agents have a bad reputation on the field. Therefore, Bick wanted to carry some research out in this area to see whether the bad reputation of Agents on the field has filtered to their reputation off the field when it comes to commercial deals, marketing and branding.  As there are certain regulations and laws regarding this, do agents fully understand these and other concepts?

External Activities

Bickram is hoping to participate in different sports and is looking to set up a visually impaired football team at the University.