Bond Hu

  • Doctoral Researcher
Start date: April 2021
Primary supervisor: Dr David Fletcher
Secondary supervisor(s): Dr Robin Jackson

Bangda earned a Bachelor of Education from Beijing Sport University (2012-2016) with a major in Sports Training. During this period, he was a gymnast in both the national aerobic gymnastics team and the University's aerobic gymnastics team. Bangda won three times of world titles (one at the World Games, two at the World Championships) and several national titles before he retired, and he was entitled the "International-Level of Athlete" by the General Administration of Sport of China in 2014. After that, he obtained a Master of Science (2018-2019) at Loughborough University London with a focus on the retirement issues of elite athletes. After working for a year in a local sports governing body in China, Bangda subsequently joined the SSEHS in 2021 and started PhD research under the primary supervision of Dr David Fletcher. His research particularly looks at the impact of leader/coach behaviour on Olympic performance.


Research Title: The emerging leadership behaviour in elite sport.