Experts in Sport: Special edition – a closer look at race, ethnicity, and racism in sports coaching

In this week’s special edition of the 'Experts in Sport' podcast, host Martin Foster introduces an international online forum featuring leading academics looking at the key themes in race, ethnicity, and racism in sports coaching.

Organised by Dr Steven Bradbury in collaboration with Dr Jim Lusted (Open University) and Dr Jacco Van Sterkenburg (Erasmus University) the forum features contributions from leading ‘race’ and sport scholars in the US, Europe and Australia.

This topical and timely podcast addresses the central topics of representation and racialised barriers in sports coaching; racialised identities, diversity, and intersectionality in sports coaching; and formalised racial equality interventions in sports coaching.

All of the forum participants had previously contributed chapters to a new and insightful edited collection entitled ‘Race’, Ethnicity and Racism in Sports Coaching’.

Dr Bradbury, Lecturer in Sport, Equality and Diversity, explained: “The forum provided an opportunity for the book contributors to share research findings and discuss emergent commonalities and differences in the experiences of minoritised coaches - and the effectiveness of racial equality interventions in sports coaching - across a range of national and cultural contexts.

“It also offered a space in which to discuss prospective research priorities and potential opportunities for research collaboration in this important but relatively marginalised field of academic study.

“Taken together, the ideas discussed in the forum - and in the book more broadly - are also intended to act as an intellectual stimulus to other scholars to extend empirical and critical analysis in this field of study.

“It is also hoped these ideas will be utilised by key stakeholders and practitioners to help embed the principles and practice of racial equality, diversity, and inclusion within sports coaching contexts globally.”

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