Alumna founds social media network to highlight achievements of sportswomen

Anna Chanduvi has formed a social media network aiming to advocate the achievements of women in sport around the world.

She is behind the WBR Network, standing for ‘Women Breaking Records’, aiming to highlight the achievements of sportswomen worldwide which don’t reach the mainstream media. 

40% of women in sport face gender discrimination, with the boardrooms of publicly funded National Governing Bodies being only 18% female. In 2014, it was found that women’s sport makes up only 7% of the total media coverage in the UK, and just 2% of national newspaper coverage.

Anna was named one of the ’30 under 30’ future leaders in sport in 2017, after graduating with a BSc in Sports Management from the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences in 2015.

The WBR Network launched last Friday, coinciding with International Women’s Day, with an interview series called “Off the Record With”. The first interview featured the NBA’s Vice President of Global Partnerships, Van Balachander.

Speaking about the network, Anna said: “Our mission is to share stories of women breaking records.

“Inspired by modern culture our aim is to creatively showcase authentic and diverse experiences of women in sports while building a community for everyone to thrive.

“I’m so excited about this show because it explores the type of jobs available in sport through the eyes of incredible female execs.

It’s all about their story and how they got to where they are. This is content I wish I had access to as a student."

You can find out more about the WBR Network online.

Congratulations to Anna on her latest achievement.