Celebrating Physiology in Loughborough

The School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences (SSEHS) is to be awarded a plaque by the Physiological Society to recognise the School as a centre of excellence for physiology in sport, exercise and health science.

The Physiological Society’s Excellence in Physiology Award honours institutions that are centres of excellence for physiology in either discovery or leadership. This award is presented by the Board of Trustees following recommendation from the Nominations Committee.

The plaque will be unveiled in the Clyde Williams Building by Professor Clyde Williams.

From 2.15pm-3.45pm, there will be a series of presentations taking place in James France Building which will showcase some of the School's work in physiology:

Chairs Dr Stephen Bailey (Physiological Society Rep) and Abbie Mclellan
Dariel Burdass, CEO of the Physiological Society - Introducing the work of the Physiological Society
Professor Mike Tipton, University of Portsmouth and Trustee of the Physiological Society, to talk about his relationship with the Society
Professor Mark Lewis and Professor Clyde Williams - Physiology at Loughborough: From the early days to world renowned
Professor Vicky Tolfrey - Para athletes: A historical journey through physiological support for excellence
Dr Samantha Rowland - Breaking barriers: Exploring female physiology and performance in SSEHS
Dr Mark Burnley - Systems physiology of endurance and fatigue at Loughborough
Following the talks will be networking and a drinks reception from 3.45pm-5pm.

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