Hearing loss, health and wellbeing

  • 3 November 2021
  • 17:30 - 19:15
  • Online

A CPD opportunity for individuals working within healthcare who have a special interest in lifestyle medicine. Presented by NCSEM.

Dr David Maidment: Connecting the dots – hearing impairment, physical inactivity and incident dementia

Recent research has shown that older adults with hearing loss take part in significantly less physical activity than age-matched controls. As a result, older adults with hearing loss are more likely to develop more life-threatening health conditions (or noncommunicable diseases), including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and dementia. Previous research has shown that web-based (or digital) health programmes can promote physical activity in older adults. These programmes can include activity tracking, such as step counting or walk time, as well as remote coaching and social support. However, no programs have been designed to meet the specific and complex health care needs of older adults with hearing loss.

Therefore, this presentation will outline the work that we are undertaking at Loughborough University to assess the associations between hearing impairment, physical activity, and noncommunicable disease risk. This research will inform the development of a digital home fitness platform that aims to improve physical activity in older adults with hearing loss so they can live longer, healthier lives.

Dr Christian Füllgrabe: Auditory biases in cognitive assessment – are we over-diagnosing cognitive decline?

Details to follow.

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