Systems analysis and energy modelling

This includes the development of massive open online data sets as well as free open-source analysis software and is a key component of the FCDO-funded Climate Compatible Growth (CCG) programme co-led by Loughborough University. CCG research will feed into the UN Climate Change Summit being hosted by the UK in November 2021 (COP26).

We provide fully open links to over 60 starter data kits for national energy investment models, contribute to summer schools that target over 500 people per year; provide the editorship of the leading journal 'Energy Strategy Reviews'; lead and contribute to official national country analysis, provide input to the World Bank Group, the United Nations and others; and contribute to free online teaching material to assist with the development of researchers and national knowledge management programmes.

Finally, team members have either led or overseen the development of four global modelling methods (CLEWs, OSeMOSYS and OnSSET), the Global Electrification Platform, the UNECE Nexus Methodology - as well as Modelling for Policy Support global goals - known as U4RIA. These efforts are developed in partnership. Of note is the OpTIMUS community of practice that supports the use of Open Tools, Integrated Modelling and Upskilling for Sustainable development.