Sven Hoekstra teams up with Wakayama Medical University

Following two previous visits of shorter duration, Sven Hoekstra will be joining Wakayama Medical University for six months to conduct a research study into the effects of exercise on chronic pain.

Different from the type of studies generally taking place in Loughborough, this study will be investigating mice. This allows for more detailed study of the mechanisms underlying the potentially beneficial effects of exercise on chronic pain. For instance, the expression of different types of proteins can be assessed in the brain and spinal cord of the mice; not something that would be possible in humans… For this study, Sven will be working together with Dr Kamijo, Dr Kami and Prof Tajima.

Sven`s Postdoctoral Fellowship is a continuation of the ongoing collaboration between the Peter Harrison Centre (PHC) and Wakayama Medical University, evidenced by a range of short-term visits of PHC researchers to Japan and the six months stay of Dr Takahiro Ogawa in Loughborough last year. Apart from learning new laboratory techniques and writing papers, his stay will also allow him to learn more about the Japanese culture and explore some of the fantastic scenery the country has to offer. In that regard, the first week of his stay formed a good start, with a fantastic Japanese “welcome party” and a beautiful bike ride to the pilgrimage-site Koyasan. A more detailed report will feature in the summer edition of the PHC-newsletter. 

Written by Sven Hoekstra