Creative Industries in India

First-of-a-kind report reveals fast growth and huge potential

India is a large and dynamic country with a young, growing and increasingly educated population. Existing industrial, educational, and cultural links mean there is a considerable appetite for research and innovation collaboration in the creative industries between the UK and India. Despite the variability and sometimes paucity of official data, there is substantial evidence of the scale of the creative industries in India and the extent to which it is innovating.

This first-of-a-kind report led by Graham Hitchen, of Loughborough University London, aims to increase partnerships between UK and Indian businesses and researchers.

Launched on 18 January 2023 in the House of Commons, Creative Industries in India outlines the findings of study from an extensive data review, interviews with more than 30 policy and industry advisers to better understand the creative industries policy landscape in India, followed by deep dives into:

  • the geography of the creative industries in India
  • circular design and fashion
  • creative technologies

Illustration courtesy of Rahul Dutta

Creative Industries in India is part of a scoping exercise led by the AHRC and Innovate UK, commissioned to Loughborough University, in collaboration with the University of Glasgow and O.P. Jindal Global University.

The report is for UKRI India and funded by UKRI India.