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Advanced VR Research Centre

  • 30 March 2015

    Agile Wing Integration

    Funded by Innovate UK and Airbus

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    • Sustaining Complex Systems' Reliability

      Maintenance of complex engineering production system such as Oil and Gas production system has been a major challenge in the sector. The search for optimal solution to this chronic challenge led to the deployment of modern and innovative technology and creative processes in the systems, which are intended to enhance the safety of the operations, increase productivity, reduce associated risks to the lowest level possible, sustain systems’ designed reliability, and as a result increase productivity and return on investments.

    • Platform Independent Model Driven Architectures for Future Vehicle Systems

      The goal of the project is to investigate how model driven architectures coupled with open systems architectures can be used to support future vehicle designs by driving the system architecture from a platform independent perspective. This will make it significantly easier to design and re-use validated system components and manage the ever increasing system complexity of the overall vehicle design.

    • Industrie 4.0 Related Projects

      A number of new projects have started that will look at different aspects of Industrie 4.0 - these are typically structured around a specific industral sector.

  • Designing for Adaptability and evolutioN in System of systems Engineering DANSE

    DANSE focuses on the development of a new methodology to support evolving, adaptive and iterative System of Systems (SoS) life-cycle models based on a formal semantics for SoS inter-operations and supported by novel tools for analysis, simulation, and optimisation.

  • Advanced Collaborative Environments for Distributed Systems Engineering Teams

    Research is being undertaken to develop optimal methods for linking geographically distributed teams of people in a way that allows collective decision making to be undertaken.