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Students in their 3rd year can chose Additive Manufacturing modules as part of their Part C or Part D studies within “Mechanical and Manufacturing Studies” at Loughborough University.

MMC606 - Additive Manufacturing for Product Development

The module will introduce and develop the concepts of seven Additive Manufacturing (AM) process categories. The module will emphasise the strengths and weaknesses of the various technologies and will highlight applications and case studies from the Additive Manufacturing (AM) industry.

Taught elements are broken down into 12x1hr lectures and 11x2hr tutorial/lab sessions, through which students will be rotated in groups for practical work and demonstrations in the laboratory and training with appropriate software.

MMD606 - Additive Manufacturing and Reverse Engineering

The module will introduce and develop the concepts of Reverse Engineering (RE) and further investigate the concept of Additive Manufacturing (AM), emphasising the complexities of such manufacturing methods.

A combination of 12 one-hour timetabled lectures and 8 two-hour interactive lecturers & labs looking into RE and AM techniques.

MMP637 - Additive Manufacturing

The module will introduce and develop the concepts and techniques for Additive Manufacturing. It will emphasise the benefits and limitations and will involve applications and case studies in the following areas: Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, Consumer goods, Medical, etc.

Total contact time is 35 hours including: 25 hours of lectures, 10 hours of labs/demonstrations/tests.