Loughborough University hosts Spirit of 2012 Summit

In March, Loughborough University and Spirit of 2012 – London 2012’s social legacy funder - hosted a two-day interactive summit at the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine to discuss the use of sports and arts-based activities as catalysts for social change.

The Spirit of 2012 summit brought together a range of expertise from Loughborough University and external partners, including the Belong Network, Swim England, Activity Alliance and the National Paralympic Heritage Trust.

In total over 100 delegates brought their own insightful professional and personal experiences when contributing to three interactive sessions and the larger research seminar. These session focussed on the inclusivity of digital spaces, perceptions and attitudes of disability, before finishing with a session discussing the feasibility study looking at the potential of a UK Capital of Sport, which was announced in September 2023. The study is being delivered by Loughborough University in collaboration with Spirit of 2012 and Counsel.

On day two, there was a panel discussion which formed part of the Sport, Business and Society Research Seminar Series, chaired by Verity Postlethwaite. The discussion focused on the role of events as a catalyst for social change, with points that shed light on the opportunities and challenges of trying to achieve catalytic change. Audience members raised a number of valuable questions, including how memory making can be captured from events and what is next for the UK events sector and understanding through Spirit of 2012’s learnings how to better harness events as catalysts for social change.

A version of this discussion has been captured for the Experts in Sport Podcast series.

A full writeup of the event can be read here.