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New exhibition: Tearing up Vogue and Mining the Detritus

An exhibition of practice-based doctoral research by Ehryn Torrell will be on display 2-10 May in the Martin Hall Exhibition Space.

Montage is not a singular artistic medium like painting or drawing, but rather it is intermedium (Higgins, 1965). It often includes the act of cutting up and reassembling photographic images to say something about representation and ways of seeing.

In her research, Torrell has asked the following questions: How can montage allow an artist to deconstruct and challenge fashion media, particularly the racialised and gendered bodies in Vogue magazines? What methods of montage might be used? Does using a fashion magazine as source material risk giving voice to already dominant or normative images of women? Torrell has explored these questions and this exhibition will display her response.

The artist has selected eight Vogue and Teen Vogue magazines produced between 1968-2017 in France, the US, and Italy as source material to create a single montage on paper from each issue. These ‘primary montages’ will be on display alongside the magazines to show how Torrell mines the detritus of process to find out what impact, if any, she has made on the source.

Opening times

  • Thursday 2 May, 12pm-4pm with an opening reception from 2pm-4pm
  • Friday 3 May, 12pm-4pm and 6pm-8pm (as part of Loughborough Lates)
  • Saturday 4 May, 12pm-4pm
  • Wednesday 8 May, 12pm-4pm
  • Thursday 9 May, 12pm-4pm
  • Friday 10 May, 12pm-4pm

The artist will be present to discuss the work during opening hours, except on Wednesday 8 May. You do not need to book and the exhibition is free to view.

About the artist

Ehryn Torrell is a practice-based PhD candidate in International Relations, Politics and History in the School of Social Sciences and Humanities at Loughborough University. Her research sits within the Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Feminism, Sexual Politics, and Visual Culture. She gratefully acknowledges support in part by funding from the CDT and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) of Canada.

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