Four Nestwork founders sat on the steps of Hazlerigg

Loughborough students and graduates launch new career-focused social network

Nestwork is a new platform that uses peer-to-peer learning to help students discover and secure their ideal careers.

The platform was created by a diverse team led by current students Flynn Duggan and Samuel Ola, and recent graduates PoborEruesegbefe and Som E-Agwuegbo. The concept, born from a brainstorming session in their student accommodation, aims to simplify career discovery using technology while supporting university career advisors. 

Nestwork launched with features: 'Behind the Offer' and 'Inside the Offer': 

  • 'Behind the Offer' (BTO): With a mission to demystify the job application process, BTO provides students with invaluable, step-by-step application guidance from previously successful candidates at top employers 

  • 'Inside the Offer' (ITO): With the aim of revolutionising the career discovery process, ITO presents real-life experiences from students and graduates engaged in internships or graduate roles. This is an exclusive feature with their partnered companies. 

Other unique features include Q&A with the BTO/ITO creators and personalised job opportunities through a conversational AI. It caters to a diverse range of students, from school leavers and apprentices to undergraduates and postgraduates. 

The team have secured over £175,000 in investment and grants from European venture capital firms, strategic angel investors and Loughborough University’s Startup Fund. They’ve partnered with top graduate employers – Samsung, Grant Thornton, GSK and Sky – and the Loughborough Careers Network.  

Co-founder Samuel Ola, who participated in the University’s Year in Enterprise program said: "We are building a platform that innovates on how students already learn about careers, from each other. Our team strongly believes peer-to-peer career education, alongside university support, will help students from every background to discover and secure the right career for them. 

“We are very grateful to Loughborough Enterprise Network and Amanda Berry for their incredible support throughout our journey.