Front of the Hazlerigg building

Loughborough University partners with AccessAble to provide accessibility information for campus users

The University is delighted to be working in partnership with AccessAble to provide students, staff, and visitors of the Loughborough campus with all of the accessibility information they need.

AccessAble is a free digital platform, available via the AccessAble App and their website, that guides users around venues across the UK and Ireland, including universities, colleges, hospitals, restaurants and more.  

Loughborough University is the latest organisation to offer a complete Accessibility Guide for all of its buildings and bookable teaching spaces.  

The guide is split into six sections: East Park, West Park, Central Park, Village Park, Science and Enterprise Park, and Off Campus.  

Upon clicking into each of these, the user is presented with a selection of buildings and their facilities, including bookable rooms and nearby parking.  

Many of the buildings featured in the Accessibility Guide offer information about the following: 

  • The location of toilet and changing facilities 

  • The car parking vicinities nearby 

  • Photos of all the entrances, with information on any ramps or steps 

  • Detailed facts and figures about the stairs and lifts within the buildings 

  • Other useful information, such as contact details of relevant teams based within each building 

  • Specific guides for lecture theatres, seminar rooms and IT labs 

The University and AccessAble are continuing to work together to develop an Accessibility Guide for the University's London campus too.  

Veronica Moore, Director of Student Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) commented: “I am so pleased that Loughborough has partnered with AccessAble to provide an easy-to-use guide with detailed and accurate information about access across campus and campus buildings.  

“Accessed simply via an app or online, I know that this resource is going to make such a positive difference to the experience of students, staff and campus visitors. It’s exciting to know that going forwards the AccessAble guide has the potential to benefit the entire university community by enabling greater inclusion, increasing opportunities for everyone to reach their potential and enabling people to get the most out of the great resources our campus has to offer, regardless of differences in physical ability.  

“The introduction of this resource is an indication of Loughborough University’s strategic commitment to work on removing barriers to an equitable experience for all.” 

David Livermore, Director of Business Development at AccessAble, said: “We are delighted to launch Detailed Access Guides to Loughborough University. The University has made a significant investment in accessibility. They’ve worked in partnership with us to ensure in-depth access information to the campus is easily available. That is vital for disabled students, staff and visitors and valuable for everybody.  

“Our initiative is all about removing barriers to higher education and improving the experience for everyone. We welcome Loughborough University into our national network of 90+ universities across the country who are committed to including disabled people.” 

The AccessAble app is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play.