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Loughborough commits to social impact framework

The University has partnered with the Purpose Coalition and former Education Secretary Rt Hon Justine Greening by signing up to an innovative framework that will measure Loughborough’s social impact.

The Social Mobility Pledge was co-founded by long-term social mobility campaigner Justine Greening in 2018 to bring organisations together to make improvements in this area.   

Loughborough’s activities and impact will be mapped against the Purpose Goals, launched in 2021 to provide a framework for organisations to articulate their purpose and focus efforts on overcoming the barriers people face as well as driving equality of opportunity at key life stages.  

The 14 goals provide a universal benchmark for organisations to measure their impact against, with themes around sustainable communities, extending enterprise, good health and wellbeing, and positive destinations Post 16+.  

Loughborough University joins a wide range of organisations, including a number of UK higher education institutions, NHS Trusts, local authorities and companies in the private sector.  

Pro Vice-Chancellor of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Professor Charlotte Croffie commented: “On behalf of Loughborough University, I am delighted to say that we are members of the Purpose Coalition. The social mobility pledge aligns with the Vibrant and Inclusive Communities theme of our University strategy, Creating Better Futures, Together.   

“At Loughborough University, we are very aware that social economic disadvantage can have a detrimental impact on the education and life chances of people and welcome the opportunity to be part of the solution. We look forward to working with the Purpose Coalition and a range of partners to move this social justice agenda forward. 

“We recognise that this work will take some time to deliver, but we are clear that taking action will enable us to make step change as we work collaboratively to make a tangible difference now and, in the future.” 

Justine Greening added: “As anchor institutions in their local communities, universities can spread opportunities to those from different backgrounds. Not only that, but they are huge employers and can have a real impact through their role as a procurer of goods and services. 

“Our Purpose Goals give a clear benchmark for universities and other organisations to evaluate their social impact and identify areas where they can go further. This is particularly important given the current cost of living crisis and the need to support students, colleagues and communities through this difficult time. I’m looking forward to working with Loughborough University and exploring ways in which the university can maximise its social impact.”