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Loughborough University support for the Can’t Buy My Silence Pledge

Last month, universities were invited to sign the Can’t Buy My Silence Pledge by the Minister of State for Universities, Michelle Donelan.

In deciding to support the pledge, Loughborough University believed it was important to develop a broader statement about our work on sexual abuse and violence, and approach to confidentiality. The University has produced this statement collaboratively, involving staff and students who have a role in supporting and tackling sexual abuse and violence.  

We encourage students and staff who have been subjected to sexual violence, bullying or harassment to come forward and report these incidents, although we recognise why this is not always easy. Students and staff can use our online incident reporting tool. The University will support individuals, discuss options, and investigate complaints from staff and students. 

Complainants will never be victimised for speaking out. Those subjected to violence and abuse will never be asked to leave the institution, and never be made to sign a non-disclosure agreement. 

We take a wide range of actions to tackle sexual violence, harassment and bullying of any kind and we encourage students and staff to report any incidents. We are committed to undertaking a thorough and prompt investigation and to act decisively on findings. We recognise and acknowledge sexual violence occurs at our institution. Perpetrators, where identified will be held to account

We will work with staff and students to ensure that, as far as is possible, holistic support is provided, and we will NEVER seek to silence those subjected to violence and abuse. 

It is with this context that we support the pledge. We have taken time to discuss with colleagues and students before issuing this broader statement so that their views are included. 

This commitment should also be read in conjunction with our sexual violence policies for staff and students.  

Support on the topic of sexual violence is available here.