3D image of a bone

Image courtesy of Getty Images.

Female participants needed for study exploring the effect of calorie restriction on bone and cardiovascular health

Females, aged 18-35, are asked to take part in a Loughborough University study looking at the effects of three days of caloric restriction on markers of bone and cardiovascular health.

PhD student Mark Hutson, who is leading the study, believes more research needs to be done to understand the health consequences of undereating and says the working hypothesis is that “caloric restriction will negatively impact bone and cardiovascular health in young physically active women of healthy weight”.

He added: “We are also investigating a novel exercise intervention, comprising approximately 10-mins of low intensity jumping twice per day, to see if it can help to protect bone health during periods of caloric restriction.”

The study consists of two main trials, separated by approximately one month, that each include three days of dietary control where the researchers provide three meals and a snack every day.

Females interested in being involved should be regularly menstruating and not using hormonal contraception.

Mark added: “By participating in this study, you will experience how sports, exercise, and health research is conducted, find out your VO2max, metabolic rate, and cardiovascular health information, discover how your body responds to caloric restriction, and receive six days of freshly prepared food.”

For a participant sheet or more information, email: m.hutson@lboro.ac.uk