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Chewing gum, studying animals, and eating apples: Ageing expert shares tips to supercharge your brain in new book

The brain is our most vital and complex organ. It controls and coordinates our actions, thoughts, and interactions with the world around us. It is the source of personality, of our sense of self, and it shapes every aspect of our human experience.

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Yet most of us know precious little about how our brains actually work, or what we can do to optimise their performance.

Professor James Goodwin, a Visiting Professor in the School of Design and Creative Arts, has combined the latest scientific research with storytelling and practical advice in his brand-new book, ‘Supercharge Your Brain’

Officially released on April 1 and published by Penguin’s Bantam Press, the book sees the Special Advisor to the Global Council on Brain Health reveal everything you need to know about how your brain functions, and what you can do to keep it in peak condition.

Professor Goodwin, who is the Director of Science and Research Impact at the Brain Health Network (www.brain.health), commented: “Written for the ordinary non-academic reader, it’s packed full of the latest research which will revolutionise your understanding of how to keep sharp from your earliest to your latest years”.

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