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International Women’s Day: Video showcases the international women at Loughborough

The SEEHER@Lboro video has been released as part of the celebrations for International Women’s Day 2021 (8 March) to recognise Loughborough University’s international women.

It features staff from Operations, Professional Services and academic Schools, as well as Doctoral Researchers, creating a compilation that celebrates the diverse women on campus and raises awareness of the internationality of the female workforce at Loughborough University. 

In each clip, the contributors introduce themselves and how their work makes Loughborough great, speaking in their native language.

Over 32 languages are represented in the film, as 60 women share their own personal stories.  

The video has been organised by Dr Pooja Goddard, Senior Lecturer in Chemistry and Dr Eugenie Hunsicker, Director for Equality and Diversity for the School of Science and Senior Lecturer in Mathematics, with the help of filmmaker and cultural anthropologist, Dr Irina Linke.

Dr Goddard and Dr Hunsicker commented: “This video is a celebration of diverse women and highlights the importance of every individual in shaping the success of an institution. Our facilities management and hospitality staff are instrumental in making the campus a safe and wonderful place for both staff and students to thrive in.

“Our academic staff provide excellent teaching, research and enterprise, and our Professional Services staff keep the institution running in an efficient, effective, and friendly manner. For us personally, making this video has been a journey of discovery in itself and we feel humbled by the many amazing colleagues we have come to know as a result of this project.”

Dr Linke added: “The video lets each woman speak in in the language of her choice, and while spectators will not understand each word, they will gain a deeper appreciation of the diversity and internationality of Loughborough staff.”

The video can be viewed below:

SeeHer@Lboro from Irina Linke on Vimeo.

To find out more about what the University is doing to celebrate International Women’s Day, please visit the dedicated webpage.