Image of one of the pieces of art made by Festus Adeyemi

Image: Plastics’ World by Festus Adeyemi

PhD student showcases thought-provoking art exhibition to coincide with Recycle Week

A Loughborough student will be exhibiting a collection of art made using repurposed waste in the Martin Hall Exhibition space from 14-24 September.

The installation – titled Waste Panorama – aims to encourage the reuse and recycling of waste items such as single-use disposables, like plastic and polystyrene cartons.  

The items Doctoral Researcher Festus Adeyemi has collected have been converted into pigments and ink, which Festus has used to create artwork to illustrate what can be done instead of sending items to landfill.  

Furthermore, through this exhibition, Festus hopes to raise awareness of the struggles developing countries such as Nigeria face when it comes to controlling and managing waste in comparison to the UK.  

The exhibition will tie in with the national Recycle Week campaign, taking place from 20-26 September. 

Festus commented: “Researchers have warned us that if we do not act now, waste will outweigh fish and aquatic animals in the sea by 2050. That’s less than thirty years away. 

“I hope my contribution to using waste creatively helps the worldwide campaign against careless waste disposal and educates others as to how we can preserve our ecosystem.” 

Festus Adeyemi is a PhD student based in the School of Design and Creative Arts. He previously studied a master’s degree at Coventry University and has had his research published in multiple journals, alongside years of experience working as a tutor in Nigeria.  

He particularly enjoys drawing, painting, teaching and meeting new people. Inspired by the likes of El Anatusi and Joseph Beuys, Festus’ art focuses on environmental issues and the experiences of people from Lagos, Nigeria.  

As well as participating in group exhibitions, Festus has previously staged a solo exhibition, Between the Lines, addressing the transportation challenges in Lagos.  

The exhibition can be accessed 12pm-2pm on weekdays and booking is not required.  


Please note the Martin Hall Exhibition Space has ramp access on the left-hand side of the entrance. An exhibition invigilator can be alerted if you require assistance and access. A gender-neutral toilet is also available on the ground floor.  

Specific access requirements can be discussed in advance by calling 01509 222948 or emailing