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University lecturers host event to celebrate forgotten Loughborough figures

English lecturers Dr Sara Read, Dr Catie Gill and Dr Lise Jaillant are hosting an event for the Being Human festival, a national event that celebrates the humanities.

On 14 November the lecturers will host an online Wikithon, focusing on the old and new figures of Loughborough that are not currently recognised on Wikipedia.

The first hour of the event will showcase the importance of Wikipedia as a digital resource and learn how to edit entries on the website.

The second half of the event will invite participants to produce a page for a figure associated with Loughborough. Participants will be able to choose from a list or you can come to the session with someone in mind.

This particular session will focus on the neglected women in Loughborough’s history.

Dr Sara Read commented: “When we looked at the 'notable people' list on Loughborough's Wikipedia entry we found that women are outnumbered by four-to-one. While we want to increase the number of figures from Loughborough overall, we really hope some participants turn up with ideas of overlooked women who we can provide entries for.”

More information can be found here and tickets can be booked online.