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IAS to launch Annual ‘Time Theme’ with virtual workshop and performance

The Institute of Advanced Studies will be launching its annual Theme, Time, on Friday 27 November with a pair of exciting events: a virtual workshop bringing three IAS Visiting Fellows together in a ‘trialogue’, and a participatory performance work commissioned by Radar to mark the launch of Time.

The workshop, ‘Spacetime and Chronotope – How Disciplines Conceptualise Time: A Trialogue’, will examine how different scholarly disciplines approach time. If the natural sciences hold that time is objectively measurable, fundamental and independent of any social context, the humanities and social sciences tend to be more interested in how time is socially and culturally constructed, as well as subjectively experienced.

The IAS will welcome three visiting Fellows to lead the Trialogue:

The workshop will run from 2.30pm-5pm. To register for the event please contact Laura Dale:, a link to the event will be sent in advance – all are very welcome.

The Theme Trialogue will be preceded by an online participatory art performance entitled An Hour commissioned by Radar and led by artists Alison Ballard and Martin Lewis.

An Hour explores the concept of time as duration and creates a tension between the mechanical measuring of time, as dictated by an unseen clock and how we sense time as subjective experience. For the Time Launch, Ballard and Lewis invite you to participate in a special online performance of An Hour, observing and experiencing time by counting it, minute by minute, for 60 minutes.

If you would like to perform in the work, or be in the audience, please email David Bell - for booking and instructions.

The IAS annual Theme, Time, is being led by Professor Peter Kawalek (School of Business and Economics), Dr Thoralf Klein (School of Social Sciences and Humanities), Dr Arianna Maiorani (School of Social Sciences and Humanities) and Dr Alexander Zagoskin (School of Science). For further information, please see the IAS website.