Photo of Hazlerigg Building and Hazlerigg/Rutland Lawn and Fountain

Loughborough Family rallies together to support the country during COVID-19 pandemic

Staff members at Loughborough University have been supporting both the local community and the country by providing vital resources and research expertise during the COVID-19 crisis.

Photo of the University's PPE donations for Loughborough Hospital

Vital PPE equipment has been delivered to Loughborough Hospital to help NHS staff.

Various Departments across the University campus have already kindly donated vital PPE equipment to support NHS workers at Loughborough Hospital over the last few days, including spare gloves, face masks and disposable aprons, which have all been delivered by the Security team.

Professor Mark Lewis, Dean of the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, specialises in musculoskeletal biology and has been working closely with the Government to identify resources, equipment and skilled personnel to support the implementation of COVID-19 testing centres across the UK.

This initiative is also being supported by a wider team of colleagues at Loughborough who have expertise in numerous disciplines including science and engineering.

In addition, Professor Lewis and colleagues from the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine (NCSEM) have been supporting the continuation of important NHS activities by keeping their clinics open where needed.

Several Schools and Departments at the University are working in collaboration to develop faster detection tests for coronavirus as part of a united European response, and staff have offered the services of 3D printers on campus as part of a recent government call-out for businesses to produce and supply ventilators for the NHS.  

Early-stage testing focusing on research breath systems is taking place to see if it is possible to detect COVID-19 infection in breath. This will take place with our partners at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

There are also plans for researchers at the University to make their own hand sanitiser based on World Health Organisation (WHO) protocol, which can be used by the Campus Services staff who are continuing to work on-site to support students unable to return home.

Julie Turner, Strategic Scientific Development Officer at the University commented: “The University has really pulled together to help with the fight against COVID-19. Whether that is through research, valuable laboratory equipment, time or expertise, it is lovely to see everyone working together.”

Chief Operating Officer Richard Taylor added: “It’s heartening to see colleagues at Loughborough University help the NHS at such a crucial time, and to be at the forefront of discovering new insights and technologies which could help those fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I’m extremely proud of all my colleagues and hope we can continue to support both the government and medical workers across the country and beyond.”