Loughborough academic speaks at Leaders Women in Sport event

Dr Argyro Elisavet Manoli (right) was invited to speak at the Leaders Women in Sport event.

Loughborough academic speaks at Leaders Women in Sport event

Loughborough academic Dr Argyro Elisavet Manoli has shared her views on tackling imposter syndrome at the prestigious Leaders Women in Sport event held in London.

As part of a panel discussion, Elisavet offered her perspective on effective ways in which female sports executives can combat imposter syndrome and surface ideas for how organisations can help support employees to overcome it.

Dr Manoli thoughts followed her long involvement in the sport industry both through her research and as a practitioner prior to joining Loughborough University.

Following the discussion, Elisavet said:

"In the ever-developing sport industry, it is great to see big organisations like Leaders and Facebook highlighting the success of women in sport and stressing how important their life lessons are. It’s inspiring to see how many young women are entering the industry, driving inclusivity forward for the future of the sport."

The event, organised in collaboration with Facebook, helps drive and promote diversity in sport.