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Winners of the Arts and Design Degree Show prizes announced

Earlier this week, a number of outstanding students from the School of Design and Creative Arts were recognised for their work as part of an online announcement via School’s social media channels.

Awards are given out annually to talented students from different disciplines who have excelled in the Art and Design Degree shows, organised to showcase student projects and celebrate their efforts.

All of the students’ creations can be viewed in the digital showcases for both Arts and Design.


Enterprise Awards

Final year students were asked to produce a short video to showcase the commercial potential of a project and these were reviewed by an influential panel of judges from Joseph Joseph, Princess Yachts, Dyson and Cambridge Consultants.

The overall winner of the Enterprise Award was Tamsin Brierley for her project, Yu – a supportive companion for children experiencing adversities linked to Autism Spectrum Disorder. Each industry judge also chose a project as a ‘one to watch’ and these are as follows:

  • Zach Rigby – Milli (awarded by Joseph Joseph)
  • Hugh Johnson - OnePan (awarded by Princess Yachts)
  • Tamsin Brierley - Yu (awarded by Dyson)
  • Alexandra Dodl - Ula (awarded by Cambridge Consultants)

 Prototype of the final year project Yu by Tamsin Brierley Prototype of Yu 

Industry Live Project Awards

This intense one-week live project is a School assignment which asks final year students to work on a brief set by industry partners.

It is an opportunity to experience working on an industry defined project and produce a solution to a real-life scenario within specific considerations and constraints.

The 2020 design briefs were set and judged by Seymour Powell, DCA and Panasonic. The briefs and the winners are as follows:

  • Seymour Powell: Enhance an existing personal device or home appliance by incorporating modularity Arnaud Gillard
  • DCA: Design a product that allows you to escape from the digital world and embrace the physical worldOliver Picot 
  • Panasonic: Explore and select one area in our lives in which we generate a significant impact of waste, and explore how we can change people’s behaviour for the better with a physical product at the heart– Adrian Leung

Creative Arts

Enterprise Awards

Similarly to the Design Enterprise Award, final year students were asked to produce a short video to showcase the commercial potential of one project which were reviewed and assessed by a panel of enterprise and arts judges.

The overall winner was Jessica Strain who has designed items of clothing centred around the theme of sustainable fast fashion.

The following students were highlighted as ‘ones to watch’:

  • Alyssa Dabbs  Fine Art
  • Alice Purling – Textiles
  • Nour Abosaif – Graphic Communication and Illustration

Jess Strain final year projectOne of the pieces from Jessica's project

Edward Sharp Prize

This prestigious award is judged by a panel consisting of Director of LU Arts, Nick Slater, Professor of Art History, Alison Yarrington, Professor Mike Wilson, Head of Creative Arts and Professor Cees De Bont, Dean of the Design School.

Winners were selected from textiles, fine art and graphics:

Nadine Wilde final year project
An example from Nadine Wilde's project

Nick Slater said: “We had the unusual job this year of selecting work from the students' written submissions and presentations rather than the actual Degree Shows.

“While we were sorry not to see the work in person, the virtual submissions revealed the exemplary levels of research and experimentation that happens in advance of the final work being presented. The work selected is of very high quality and will be displayed within the campus environment so that it can be enjoyed by future staff and students.”

A selection of other Creative Arts awards was also awarded to the following:

The Printmakers Council Award (Fine Art) – Elisabeth Hall

Potclays Ceramic Prize (3D) – Alice Garbett

The John Mack Foundation Award:

  • Fine Art winner – Ella Mock
  • Textiles winner – Bella Reed
  • 3D winner – Adrian Avellaneda
  • Visual Communication winner – Lea Scancariello

Creative Arts Student Representative Award – Scarlet Alford

Stanley Evernden Prize – Rennae Walker (co-written by Bre Francis)