Latest Radar project exploring ‘risk’ to hold its first workshop

As part of the Risk Related Radar project, composer and performer Helen Papaioannou will be hosting a music workshop on campus.

Logo of the Hinrichsen Foundation, which is charity supporting a workshop for the Risk Related Radar project

Risk Music explores risk-related aspects of group communication, strategies and probing systems that coordinate behaviours and groupings.

The workshop is inspired by discussions with researchers based in the University’s School of Architecture, Civil and Building Engineering and the Department of Chemistry, alongside Helen’s previous work into games and group behaviour in performance.

Using percussion instruments and games and activities, Helen will collaborate with attendees of the workshop through sound-based activities to discover how group interaction can act as a starting point for artistic performances or musical works.

The workshop is supported by the Hinrichsen Foundation, a charity committed to promoting contemporary music.

Helen is a composer and saxophonist based in Sheffield. She is interested in the dynamics of group interactions and works with game strategies in her collaborations.

Her compositions have been performed by the likes of the London Symphony Orchestra, Workers Union Ensemble and Northern Sinfonia.

Helen’s latest solo project, Kar Puzi, intertwines synthesisers and saxophone through pulses and drones, exploring small groups of sounds across prolonged durations.

Risk Related is a year-long series of artist residencies, commissions, performances and events held in collaboration with Loughborough University researchers and led by Dr Ksenia Chmutina.

The programme responds to the idea we live in a ‘risk society’, in which ecological crises, global politics and technological advances create a heightened sense of danger and uncertainty.

Risk Music: A Workshop with Helen Papaioannou takes place on Friday 7 February from 1pm-4pm and is free for all to attend. No performance experience or musical ability is necessary. Spaces are limited so advance booking online is recommended.

The event will be held in the large music practice room at the rear of the Cope Auditorium Building.

For more information contact LU Arts or visit the Radar website