Police officers and members of the local community

Loughborough students encouraged to #THINKcommunity

Students are being encouraged to think about their local community at the start of a new term in Loughborough.

Charnwood Borough Council, Loughborough Police and Loughborough University are working in partnership once again to urge new and returning students to #THINKcommunity, #THINKsafe and #THINKbins as the new term gets underway.

Police, council officers and university staff will visit hundreds of properties in Loughborough on October 3 and 4 armed with ‘goodie bags’ which focus on the three main THINK messages, including being a considerate neighbour.

Among the ‘goodies’ will be a free tea towel featuring useful safety information including how to prevent burglaries, look after valuables, and be a good neighbour.

PC Peter Stacey is Loughborough University’s new beat officer.

He said: “I’m looking forward to getting to know the student community and welcoming them to the town. I’ll be a familiar face at the university throughout the year and will be attending freshers’ week along with the rest of the team and hall talks to ensure the new academic year gets off to a good start.

“As always, we want to ensure students’ safety and that they and local residents can live happily side by side. I’m always here to help and happy to talk.”

The team will launch the campaign on Storer Road, in Loughborough, where they will door knock from 9.30am on both days.

Councillor Deborah Taylor, lead member for communities, safety and wellbeing said: “As a proud university town we want to make sure both new and returning students are part of their local community.

“There is a lot of information to take in when starting university and moving to a new area. By visiting students, we hope we can welcome them to the town and answer any questions they may have about living in Loughborough.

“It’s also important to make students aware and understand that they are moving into residential areas and to be considerate to their neighbours.”

In addition, the university will also have its Student Street Support Team out and about during freshers’ events to provide welfare support to students. It will also help to minimise noise disturbance to local residents as a result of large numbers moving from the campus into the town at night. The team’s work will continue throughout the year, typically on Wednesday and Friday evenings.

However, to keep this to a minimum during freshers’ week, the university is providing buses to and from the campus at peak times.

Jenny Ardley, Loughborough University community warden said: “Our door knocking exercise, the Student Street Patrols and provision of buses to take students into town are important elements of our multi-agency start of term plan. My team of community wardens will continue to work with the other agencies as the term progresses to support local residents and students.”  

Loughborough MP Nicky Morgan is supporting the campaign and will be dropping by during the week to see how the visits are going.

The hashtags #THINKcommunity, #THINKsafe and #THINKbins will be used on social media throughout the year, along with advice and information for students.