Photo of Grace Carson running

Grace Carson

Over 175 new PBs for student endurance runners

For the fourth year in a row, Loughborough student endurance runners have registered a remarkable number of Personal Bests achieved in track competitions between January and September.

Throughout the year so far, the men achieved 125 new personal bests and the women achieved 52. It has also been a fantastic year for the elite student runners with 11 individuals competing internationally with great success.

George Watson tops the list with 10 new PBs achieved in the 800m, 1500m x 2, 1 mile, 3000m x 3, 5000m x 3.

Grace Carson leads the women with nine new personal bests. These were achieved in 1500m x 2, 3000m x 5 and 5000m x 2.

The full list of PBs can be seen below:


  • 10 PBs: George Watson 
  • 9 PBs: John Gordon 
  • 7 PBs: Harry Allan, Sam Costley, Oliver Way
  • 6 PBs: Dan Racle
  • 5 PBs: Will Beeston, Adam Hughes, Will Nicolle, George Phillips, Dan Racle
  • 4 PBs: Edward Anders, Joe Arthur, Peter Cook, Joshua Lay, Charlie Rogers, Dan Rothwell
  • 3 PBs: Harry Bolton, Freddie Carcas, Terry Fawden, Jamie Goodge, Owen Locke, Tom Mortimer
  • 2 PBs: Patrick Dever, Joe Dugdale, Alasdair Kinloch, Isaac McAdam, Matt Murphy, Jayme Rossiter
  • 1 PB: Rhys Francis, William Fuller, Daniel Giles, Alex Ibbs, Alex Lione, George Mason, Jo Schmiz, Christian Wharton-Howett, Matthew Willis, Adam Wright


  • 9 PBs: Grace Carson
  • 6 PBs: Kirsty Walker
  • 5 PBs: Pippa Bailey and Hannah Knights
  • 3 PBs: Bryony Gunn, Abbie Donnelly
  • 2 PBs: Giorgia Chattwood, Abby Donnelly, Jessica Judd, Matilda Gompers-Willis, Sophie Tarver, Sophia Troth
  • 1 PB: Ellen Barber, Alicia Found, Isabel Found, Amy Griffiths, Sri Hallema, Rosie Johnson, Katie Moore, Maddy Mudd, Molly Pocock, Ashleigh Spiliopoulou, Hannah Wardley

Lead Endurance Coach, George Gandy said: “It has been a fantastic year for our runners. They should all be proud of the achievements they have made as it is a testament to their hard work.”