Trent Basin picture - courtesy of Blueprint

Image courtesy of Blueprint

Loughborough academics recognised as part of award-winning energy project

The SCENe (Sustainable Community Energy Networks) project won the Energy and Environment category at the Collaborate to Innovate Awards hosted by The Engineer.

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The award recognises collaborative engineering projects that ‘make more efficient use of our resources and protecting the environment’.

Loughborough University academics in the School of Architecture Building and Civil Engineering, collaborated with Nottingham University, and partners including EvoEnergy, Igloo Blueprint and SmartKlub, to model the innovative energy systems that are used on the Trent Basin development in Nottingham. 

The ultra-low energy homes use a combination of high levels of insulation and onsite solar energy generation to provide householders with low cost and low carbon renewable energy to power and light their homes.

Professor Kevin Lomas from the Schools of ABCE, who led the Loughborough research said: “The Trent Basin heralds a new approach to energy supply and demand in the built environment.

“The energy era in which buildings demand and the system supplies is over. The efficient use of renewable energy requires a new approach, one that is demonstrated perfectly by the smart integrated system at Trent Basin.”

Over the next 8 years, Loughborough will train 25 PhD students to design, manage and evaluate smart community energy systems.

More information about the new Centre for Doctoral Training in Energy Resilience and the Built Environments can be found here.