Study seeks to shed light on cervical cancer recovery

Women who have received treatment for cervical cancer are being encouraged to take part in a study that aims to better understand the recovery process.

Researchers at Loughborough University are interested in finding out how factors such as physical activity may help with recovery and how women could include regular physical activity into their lives.  

As part of the study, researchers are seeking women aged 18-65 who have received treatment for the disease – no matter how long ago it was - to take part in a group discussion at the university.

The discussion will be with the lead researcher and four or five other women. It will take an hour and a light lunch will be provided for all participants.

The topics that will be discussed are:

  • Women’s experiences of recovery since treatment
  • Women’s level of physically active (including being able to do daily chores) before and after treatment

Nessa Millet, a PhD candidate in the university’s School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, said: “We acknowledge that recovery after treatment for cancer is a different experience for everyone. Therefore, it is important for us to widen our understanding and to represent and give voice to the varying experiences of recovery.

“Little research has explored the recovery process for this population specifically. To our knowledge, no previous studies have asked women about how they would like to be physically active in the months and years after treatment.

“We hope that the results of the study can be used to inform both health care professionals and other women who have had treatment for cervical cancer, as to what types of physical activity are enjoyable and most effective for enhancing recovery.

“In the long term, researchers hope to use the results from this study to inform the development of a physical activity intervention which will be tailored for this group of women.”

The group discussions are due to take place in the first two weeks of June. However exact dates will depend on participant’s availability.

For more information please contact email Nessa Millet on