Vice-Chancellor, David Roche, Chancellor at graduation

David Roche with the Vice-Chancellor and the Chancellor, Lord Sebastian Coe KBE.

Dedicated Loughborough staff receive University medals

Three members of the University community were recognised for their contributions to Loughborough at the summer graduation ceremonies.

Fiona McLaughlin, David Roche and Martha Wörsching were awarded University medals by the Chancellor, Lord Sebastian Coe KBE.

These medals are awarded in recognition of long-standing and significant contributions to the University.

Before his recent retirement, David Roche worked in various departments at Loughborough University for 25 years. In 1992 he began working in the Transport Technology Department before moving on to support the high pressure rig at Rolls-Royce. From 2013 he worked as a Mechanical Technician in the workshop and was also the Branch Chair at UNITE alongside this.

David has been involved in UNITE since 2003 and was instrumental in establishing the partnership culture that helped to transform employee relations within the University. He was involved in several significant employee relations projects, including the original PDR scheme, parking and the reformation of the formal consultation machinery.

His work is now held up as an example of best practice by regional offices of all the unions in the HEI sector.

Vice-Chancellor, Fiona McLaughlin, Chancellor at graduation

Image: Vice-Chancellor, Fiona McLaughlin and the Chancellor, Lord Sebastian Coe KBE.

Teaching Programme Administrator, Fiona McLaughlin, has been working at Loughborough for 44 years. Every year she supports a new cohort of trainee teachers, advocating for them and providing guidance wherever they need it.

Fiona’s knowledge of the area she works in is so in-depth that her colleagues are trying to record it formally so that it can be used for the future.

Her commitment to the role has contributed to successive ‘outstanding’ Ofsted ratings for the teaching programme, as well as PTES scores of 100% and 98% overall satisfaction in the last two years.

Martha Worsching with Vice-Chancellor and Chancellor

Image: Vice-Chancellor, Martha Wörsching and the Chancellor, Lord Sebastian Coe KBE.

Martha Wörsching was also honoured for her contribution to the University. Martha began her time at Loughborough in 1973 when she joined the Department of European Studies. She retired from full-time work in 2011 but has been working part-time as the International Exchanges Coordinator, looking after students who take part in study abroad programmes.

She has successfully promoted the benefits of studying and working abroad, ensuring that students feel prepared and supported on their journeys.

She also played a key role in relaunching the Journal of Area Studies and was the Reviews Editor for 26 years. The quality of the work she produced for the journal gave it a notable reputation that continues today.

Martha is also heavily involved in the Students’ Union Landscaping and Gardening Society and plans to continue supporting the group after her retirement this year.

More information on University medallists can be found here.