multicolour graphic used to promote LGBT+ History month

LU Arts presents portrait exhibition featuring the University’s LGBT+ community

An exhibition showcasing the University’s LGBT+ community is now available to view on campus.

Organised as part of LGBT+ History Month, the exhibition features fifteen portraits which are a mixture of staff and students.

They are from various backgrounds, with various identities and various roles at the University. However, they are all united in the community provided by the LGBT+ Association.

The photos aim to further explore how we self-identify, what impact labels have on our lives and how individuals’ unique and complex identity shapes them.

They were designed to give an intimate and personal insight into the LGBT+ community at Loughborough University and Loughborough Students’ Union.

Alex Marlowe, Health and Wellbeing Officer for the LGBT+ Association, is one of the students whose portrait features as part of the exhibition.

photo of Alex with his portrait at the LGBT+ exhibition

Describing his identity and experience, he said: “Being gay is simultaneously important to me and not important to me. Something that helps to identify my community, my friends, interests and hobbies, and yet logically has no impact on those things whatsoever.

“At Loughborough, I had the freedom to find my footing however I liked on that spectrum of things. That was integral to me being comfortable with myself, my behaviour and my sexuality as a whole.

“I am so grateful to the community and the Association who allowed me the space and time to fully develop myself into who I am proud to be today.”

Earlier this month, the individuals were photographed by Ming de Nasty – a Birmingham-based photographer with over 30 years’ experience who has worked with a number of art organisations across the UK.

The exhibition is in the Martin Hall Exhibition Space and is available to visit between the hours of 12pm-2pm, Monday to Friday, up until 28 February. It is free to attend, and all are welcome.

Alternatively, you can visit the online gallery here which features the profiles of those who have had their photos taken. 

The exhibition forms part of a multitude of events taking place across February at the University. For more information about what’s on this month, visit the dedicated webpage.