Pictured are women that feature in the Faces of Women in Mathematics short film.

Film celebrating female mathematicians from all over the globe to be showcased at popular London festival

A film created by a Loughborough University academic and her filmmaker sister that aims to shine a spotlight on female mathematicians is to be played at a popular London festival.

Senior Lecturer Dr Eugénie Hunsicker, of the Department of Mathematical Sciences, and cinematographer and social anthropologist Dr Irina Linke released ‘Faces of Women in Mathematics’ earlier this year to celebrate International Women’s Day 2018 (Thursday 8 March).

The 13-minute film, which comprises 146 clips of 243 women from around the world stating their name, nationality and that they are a mathematician, is to be shown on 20 October as part of Bloomsbury Festival.

It features 36 different countries and 31 languages – including Runyankole (Uganda)Malayalam (India) and Tagalog (Philippines) – and was funded by the International Mathematical Union.

The Festival, which is described as a ‘is a creative explosion of arts, culture and science’, coincides with Black History Month and Dr Hunsicker says she is “delighted” the film will gain exposure during this time.

She said: “The UK is a multi-ethnic society, which is one of its great strengths. Unfortunately, we have very limited views in the media of who is or could be a mathematician or other scientist. 

“I would love to see this film shown for Black History Month in every school in the UK to show intelligent and enthusiastic women mathematicians from all over the world, of every nationality, race and ethnicity.”

Juliet Ojiako, a postgraduate PhD research student at Loughborough University, appears in the film and will be delivering a talk following the showcase at Bloomsbury Festival.

Juliet, who is originally from Africa, commented: “I am blessed to be part of this Faces film. I remember after my family watched the Faces film from Nigeria they called me, saying they are proud to have a female mathematician.

“This Faces film is a huge motivation to women everywhere around the world, especially in Africa, and it needs to be shown on every platform.

“The film can be used to celebrate Black History Month and to lift people's spirit. Let us celebrate mathematicians!” 

You can watch Faces of Women in Mathematics below.