photo of cat selfie accessory clipped to a phone with a woman holding a cat and taking a selfie

Student product allows you to take the ‘purr-fect’ selfie with your feline friend

A student from Loughborough University’s Design School is now selling their trendy pet product to the masses after winning a competition last year.

George Hill, who is in his final year studying Industrial Design and Technology, has created Cat Selfie: a phone accessory that allows users to take the ‘purr-fect’ selfie with their feline friend.

The product simply clips onto the front of a phone and draws a cat’s attention with the small bell attachment, helping you to capture a great photo with your cat as it looks towards the camera.

George was crowned the winner of the British Promotional Merchandise Association’s Student Design Competition last year with Cat Selfie, after he successfully pitched the product to the judging panel in London. 

He came up with the novel idea as he was inspired by the growing internet craze of cat videos, and created the product in a Design and Manufacturing Technologies module as part of his degree.

Commenting on the product, George said: “It's a proud moment to take one of my university projects to market through licensing.

“I hope the Cat Selfie inspires more designers to not just do the work for a university module, but to make their projects a reality where they can.”

The product is available to buy online on the Cat Selfie website or by visiting Firebox.