photo of scholarship students with Vice Chancellor Robert Allison outside the Hazlerigg Building

LU Arts offer scholarships to creative students to showcase the arts at Loughborough

This year, for the first time, LU Arts are pleased to present nine scholarships to creative students at the University.

The scholarships cover a variety of art forms, including creative writing, spoken word, performing arts, instrumental, choral and songwriting.

Director of LU Arts, Nick Slater, commented: “LU Arts is offering the scholarships to those students who exhibit both passion and ability within a range of artform areas.  

“The scholars will receive tuition or mentoring that support their creative development, and in return, we are requesting that they act as ambassadors for their artform and support activities that engage more students in it, at a variety of different levels. Over time, we hope the scholars will help create more opportunities for participation in the arts and more visibility for the arts on campus.”

photo of Robert Allison and a scholarship student, Michael, at the presentation event 

As part of the initiative, the group will be actively contributing to the creative life of the University, by delivering a series of extra-curricular activities and events such as Speech Bubble and Acoustic Night, both which support student talent.

All of the scholars study a wide variety of subjects at the University, from Sociology, Design and Technology, and Aeronautical Engineering.

Michael Asolo has been awarded a scholarship in spoken word and creative writing. He studies Chemical Engineering and is in his second year of study.

Talking about why the scholarship is important to him, Michael said: “I feel it’s going to be a massive influence on the way my spoken word endeavours will progress throughout the year.

“I particularly enjoy the fact that it will have a mentoring aspect, and I love that I’m collaborating with other creative individuals in different scholarship fields as well, so we can pool ideas. It’s been really interesting to me so far.

“I’m most looking forward to getting involved with Speech Bubble. Spoken word for me is that it should be an expression of every facet of your life, so whether that be the positives or the negatives, or the ups or the downs, it should all come across as engaging a way as possible.”

Hannah Rayner, who plays the flute and is in her final year studying Industrial Design and Technology, commented: “I was really keen to get involved [with the scholarship]. Obviously the music tuition is beneficial, but I’d really like to get involved more with Halls, and I’d also like to look at how we can let prospective students know about this great arts presence on campus.”

photo of Bob Allison speaking with one of the LU Arts scholarship students, Hannah, at the presentation event 

The students were presented with certificates at a formal presentation last week with the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Robert Allison.

Speaking to the students, he said: “There is clearly a significant group of students here at Loughborough who do great things in the arts, and I want that to be one of the many things at the forefront of what the University offers.

“The arts needs to be more visible to current students, staff members as well as the local community and I look forward to seeing what the scholarship students achieve as part of this great initiative.”  

At the presentation, the students discussed with the Vice-Chancellor ideas of starting new societies, applying to national and international competitions, bringing an arts presence into the halls of residence, and hosting concerts as a way of promoting the many opportunities for other students to get involved in the creative arts.

The table below provides a list of the nine scholar students and their specialist art forms.


Scholarship and art form

Ada Ughanwa

Creative writing and spoken word

Aidan Kilby

Performing arts – Dance

Daniel Moss

Choral - Voice

Hannah Rayner

Instrumental – Flute

Ifan Llywelyn

Instrumental – Violin/Trombone

Joshua Ireland

Instrumental – Percussion

Michael Asolo

Creative writing and spoken word

Michael Harry


Sean Roche Watson

Choral – Voice

For more information about the work of the LU Arts – including projects and events with current students – visit their website here

Photo credit: Jake Hilder Photography