photo of last year's racing car

Loughborough students put wheels in motion for international racing car competition

Engineering students from Loughborough University will be competing at Silverstone this summer for the 20th anniversary of the Formula Student competition.

Logo for Loughborough's team in the Formula Student competition

Loughborough University's team logo for the competition

The Loughborough students will compete against 129 teams from over 30 different countries – including Egypt, Germany and Sri Lanka – at the famous race circuit from 12-15 July.

Teams are required to design, build and race a single-seated racing car. They will be judged on their vehicle idea, costing and business presentation skills.

For the first time this year, they will also be asked to include a driverless element to the car. This will mean the car will be able to make its own decisions and improve its performance.

In addition, the race car must be able to accommodate to a range of statures, from the 5th percentile female up to the 95th percentile male.

The University has taken part in the competition since 2003, and this year’s team will also be racing the car in Hungary and the Czech Republic later this summer as part of Formula Student.

Team Leader of Loughborough, Monty Jeacock-Fewtrell, commented:

"Formula Student is a great way to learn and develop key skills that cannot be learnt through your degree, all whilst having fun.

“These skills are valued very highly by employers and therefore Loughborough team members always have a very high success rate with securing top engineering jobs."

Andrew Deakin, Chairman of Formula Student, said:

“To design and build a competitive racing car in one year, whilst studying for a degree, is no mean feat. The level of innovation, commitment and ambition that the teams display is incredible and it’s very exciting to see their hard work pay off.

“Formula Student is more than just a university project; it’s a unique, hands-on experience that can launch a student’s career. Competitors learn about teamwork, delivering challenging technical targets on time and within a tight budget, and pushing the boundaries of what is technically possible.

“Many Formula Student alumni have progressed to work in professional motorsport, and are also highly valued in all sectors of industry, in disciplines such as aerospace, power industries and manufacturing.”

The Loughborough Formula Student Launch - where the finished car will be showcased - is to take place on Wednesday 4 July at 1pm in the Desmond Penrose Atrium (Stewart Miller Building). For more information about the launch contact Scot Layton at

Visit the Loughborough Formula Student webpages to learn more about the University’s team and the competition.