photo of VC Bob sat with graduating students of the Inspiring Success programme at the LUL campus

Loughborough University London celebrates students who have improved their entrepreneurial and employability skills

Loughborough University London marked the achievements of two of its learning communities earlier this month.

The ‘Inspiring Success’ programme – which consists of a number of workshops available to unemployed and underemployed graduates from the East London boroughs of Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest – was successfully completed by 21 students who took part in a six-week programme of employability support from the university this summer.

Since the programme launched in 2015, nearly 100 participants have taken part, with 27 going on to study a master’s degree at the London campus.

Ben Cole, Loughborough University London’s Stakeholder Development Manager said: “Our Inspiring Success programme is a real win-win situation for the University.

“We get to work with some great diverse talent, connecting them to our community and delivering real outcomes for them and their families.”

On 10 July, nine LU London students were also awarded the prestigious Postgraduate Employability and Achievement Award (PEAA).

The award recognises students who have engaged with a number of programmes and activities over the last academic year through the ‘Enterprise through the Curriculum’ initiative, boosting their employability skills by attending events, taking part in workshops, mentoring, careers assessments and Skills Check.

Students also included any volunteering or internship opportunities they had undertaken as part of their submission for the award.

Adam Adesina, Loughborough University London’s Employer Partnerships and Employability Manager, commented: “In developing your career, it is really important to reflect on the skills, experiences and competencies that you have gained during your university experience.

“Our programme of support and the PEAA award not only allows students to clarify their next career goals, but gives them the skills to reflect and build how they represent and present themselves to potential employers.”