two young carers enjoy a workshop at explore more event

Young carers and students in care were able to ‘explore more’ into Higher Education at Loughborough event

Loughborough University’s School and College Liaison Team have hosted a successful experience day for young carers and students in the care system.

The ‘Explore More’ event welcomed young carers, as well as individuals who have experienced the care system, onto campus.

The event aimed to inspire and engage these young people, who face additional barriers to their progression into Higher Education.

In total, 40 young carers aged 11-18 attended the Explore More day, which was held on 4 July.

They took part in a number of activities including a sample session from Loughborough Students’ Union, an undergraduate academic taster, study skills development and sports activities in the University’s world-class facilities.

Explore More was created to tackle existing issues that young carers face in regards to higher education and recognising that students who have experienced the UK care system are statistically less likely to progress to Higher Education.

Following the event, Kirsty Wilkinson, the University’s School and College Liaison Manager, commented:

“It was great to welcome young carers and young people that are in care to the University for a day of fun and aspiration raising activities. 

“This event is designed to help these young people to see and experience the inclusive nature of university life and that everyone is welcome and shouldn’t be afraid of their background preventing them from fitting in.”

One attendee, a 15-year-old young carer from Rawlins Academy, said:

“I really liked today because it gave me a day where I didn’t have to worry about anything and could just have fun.”